University Partnerships with the

School Board of Broward County  (SBBC)

Educator Residency Program

The School Board of Broward County, Florida (SBBC) has extended its partnership agreement with Nova Southeastern University (NSU), a Florida not-for-profit corporation, by offering a paid, educator residency program.  This agreement will create an opportunity for NSU students in the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education in their senior year to complete their internship experience as a pool substitute with the SBBC. Upon successful completion of the NSU academic program and SBBC requirements, NSU student-teachers shall be offered employment with SBBC as a teacher.


Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSIs)

SBBC  also collaborates with both Florida International University and Nova Southeastern University every summer in recruiting and  registering teachers in the APSIs that are offered at both institutions.  For more information see Local Advanced Placement Credentialing Program (LAPC).


Alternative Certification Programs


Broward County schools works collaboratively with several local colleges in order to assist teachers in meeting certification requirements. For more information on all the alternative certification options, please click on: