The Standards Task Force Committee is comprised of district and school-based teacher leaders.  The members of the task force go through a three-day, Train-the-Trainer Standards Professional Development and Facilitating Professional Learning Session to enable them to plan, design and create a standards-based professional learning that they will facilitate in the Summer Seasons of Learning.

Outstanding teachers leaders across all grade levels  and content areas were nominated by their principals in October 2017.   Principals were asked to nominate teachers who exhibited or demonstrated success in developing and implementing standards-based lesson planning, standards-based instruction, and a standards-based classroom with rigor.  These teacher leaders were highly skilled in sharing best practices with:

  • Unwrapping the Standards
  • Integration of Standards
  • The Shifts and/or Progressions

The nominated teacher leaders then completed an application and presented a sample artifact reflective of one or more of the skills mentioned above.

The Standards Task Force Committee will meet periodically during the 2017-18 school year to make adjustments or revisions to the plan based on feedback from teachers. (See Timeline of Events below.)   This initiative will ensure that the District maintains coherence and relevance with Standards-based instruction.

Standards Task Force Committee Timeline of Events