Keystones are Broward County’s newly designed performance tasks. Keystones are authentic, engaging, high-quality, standards-based, formative instruction tasks, inter-disciplinary in nature, that inspire students to apply learning to genuine contexts, based on classroom curriculum. They enable students to demonstrate specific standards they have mastered by performing a task or producing a product. The revised performance tasks, now called Keystones, cover English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, Social Studies, STEM, the Arts, and Electives.

Keystones will follow the five parts of the G.R.A.S.P. model below:

Goal – The Goal provides the student with the outcome of the learning experience, the contextual purpose for the experience, and product creation.

Role – The Role is meant to provide the student with the position or individual persona that they will become to accomplish the goal of the performance task. The majority of roles found within the tasks provide opportunities for students to complete real-world applications of standards-based content.

Audience – The Audience is the individual(s) who are interested in the findings and products that have been created. These people will make a decision based upon the products and presentations created by the individual(s) assuming the role within the performance task.

Situation – The Situation provides the participants with a contextual background for the task. Students will learn about the real-world application for the performance task.

Product – The Products within each task are designed using the multiple intelligences. The products provide various opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding. Based upon each individual learner and/or individual class, the educator can make appropriate instructional decisions for product development.

Upcoming Dates for meetings:
  • Monday, March 5th – Keystones Task Force Developer Phase II begins
  • Wednesday, March 21 – Keystones Task Force Developer Check-in
  • Tuesday, April 24 – Keystones Task Force Developer Check-in
  • Friday, May 18 – Keystones Task Force Phase II ends


Additional Information:  Keystone Flyer3