Broward County Recognition Program

The Broward County Recognition Program is a local program designed to recognize the accomplishments of those instructional personnel who are ineligible for National Board Certification, but are capable of achieving the same standard of excellence as depicted in that program. This program which is framed around the concept of the National Board Certification has been established to allow these instructional staff members to attain the 5% base salary supplement.

Program Overview

The Broward County Recognition Program has established eleven standards that are generic across all job related roles and form the basis for which applicants are expected to demonstrate accomplished practice. Applicants prepare and submit a portfolio which includes a videotape of their practice, client progress artifacts and a detailed analysis of their professional practice and accomplishments. The portfolio is designed to capture job performance in real-time, real-life settings, thus allowing assessors to examine how applicants translate their knowledge and theory into practice. Portfolio scorings are conducted annually, by trained assessors, who have achieved the Broward County Recognition Award. Program status is issued for a period of three (3) years as long as they maintain effective performance evaluations and the School Board of Broward County, Florida continues to fund the program.


The Broward County Recognition Program is available to any instructional personnel who are ineligible to apply for National Board Certification because there is no National Board Certification Content Area and/or would not qualify for the Florida Excellent Teaching Program. See website for specifics on the Florida Excellent Teaching Program, and website for a current listing of National Board Certification Content Areas. Applicants must have effective performance evaluations in Broward County for the previous three years.

Meet and Greet 2017

BCRP Eligibility and Guidelines 2017


Applications are accepted annually at the beginning of the school year. Click below to find the downloadable documents.

New Application                                                     Renewal Application

Calendar of Events                                                        Renewal Timeline_17-18

BCRP Application 2017 (Fillable Form)               BCRP RENEWAL Application 2017 (Fillable Form)

BCRP Letter of Understanding                                         BCRP Renewal Letter of Understanding

                                                                                          Renewal Q&A_2017


Portfolio Submission

Applicants seeking BCRP status are required to develop a portfolio documenting evidence of mastery of the BCRP standards. The portfolio offers applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to meet the BCRP standards through work samples, reflections, and videotaping of their actual practice during a specified time period. Each specific portfolio entry is designed to reflect activities that applicants engage in during their workday and develop in collaboration with other practitioners. Below are instructions and required forms for portfolio submission.

New Applicant Portfolio Forms                   Renewal Applicant Portfolio Forms

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Candidate Support

Mentors who are Broward County Recognition Program recipients are available to provide support. Orientation, videotaping, proofreading, and packing sessions provide an opportunity for candidates to meet and discuss issues related to the portfolio process.

For more information regarding BCRP, please contact: Kimberly Richardson-Barber via or Ellen Klein via