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Office of Academics Teacher Professional Learning and Growth

Teacher Professional Learning and Growth  supports the career roles and responsibilities of certified teaching personnel – including (but not limited to) full-time classroom teachers; school-based support personnel like guidance counselors, teachers on special assignment, and academic coaches of all kinds; and District-based personnel including instructional facilitators, instructional specialist, psychologists and therapists, and technologists. 

In addition, the department offers and supports many professionals currently teaching in Broward County and working towards their certification.  The Alternative Certification section on this website details the support and various options available.

We provide professional learning opportunities designed to enhance the knowledge and skills required for a teacher’s current position, while also offering options and opportunities for developing new skills for leadership positions both within schools and district-wide.  Please visit the Curriculum Enhancement section on the website for more information on exciting initiatives like the Keystones Task Force Committee, Curriculum Council or to see an extensive list of professional learning opportunities outside BCPS.

Keystones Task Force Meeting, October 2017

NTA Winner, Summer 2017